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JLL Income Property Trust is a real estate investment fund with an unparalleled industry heritage. They enable financial advisors to diversify individuals' portfolios with commercial property ownership—a stable and performant asset class.

In a saturated industry like finance, differentiation in the market can make or break the bank—literally. JLL Income Property Trust paired up with One Design to refine and perfect their value proposition, then streamline and update their marketing materials and website to stand out in the crowd.

Getting to know the industry—and its rules

JLL Income Property Trust’s top priority was driving financial advising institutions to add JLLIPT to their offerings. We knew we’d need to understand those institutions in order to pin down what would resonate with them and their clients.

One additional challenge: The finance industry is heavily regulated, so all updated language would need to abide by a bevy of rules and go through internal legal and external regulatory reviews.

Building trust

We embarked on a course of observational and qualitative research, including interviews, workshops, empathy mapping, audits, and card sort activities.

Using insights from the JLL Income Property Trust team and its founder, and from wholesalers and independent financial advisors, we concluded that we’d need to elevate trust, legacy, and relationships in the brand positioning, with a focus on the ability of portfolio diversification to build enduring wealth. The great news was that JLLIPT already had a reputation as a trusted, consistent, and disciplined firm.

Streamlined materials, unified identity

With clarity on our brand position and messaging strategy, we shifted focus to streamlining and redesigning JLL Income Property Trust’s print materials. We helped boil down multiple brochures and reports to fewer, more focused collateral that fulfill specific needs in the advising and investment process. And we created a unique, flexible identity system that leaves the competition in the dust visually and is robust enough to grow with the brand in the future.

Clear, compelling, and compliant

In tandem with the print materials, we tackled the new website. Through updated language and design, we showcased JLL Income Property Trust’s experience and approach and clearly detailed their product line. An extensive property portfolio and beautifully designed charts and graphs convey the strength and value of JLLIPT’s offerings.

One of the things advisors and their teammates find extremely valuable is a quick walk-through of our updated, client-friendly website.”
Alexandra Constantin, VP of Marketing at LaSalle

By partnering closely with our client, we were able to clearly and concisely articulate JLLIPT's offering and satisfy the industry's legal requirements.

We know this isn’t the first time we’ve extolled the virtues of Craft CMS, and it won’t be the last. Craft was the perfect platform to make both daily automated and manual content updates a breeze.

An essential diversifier, strengthened

With a new brand position, identity, and suite of marketing materials, JLL Income Property Trust truly stands out from their competitive set. The new work elegantly communicates JLL Income Property Trust's commitment, credibility, and portfolio diversification value to potential investors.

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