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Haute Living: Curators of a drop-dead gorgeous interior design showroom. Modern and contemporary design experts. And (bonus!) our neighbors, just around the corner in Chicago’s River North neighborhood.

We were honored when Haute Living approached us with a website redesign project, and thrilled when we realized they were hungry for a broader look at how their brand operates online. So we set out to translate their elegant brick-and-mortar showroom to the digital space—and to convey their expertise and leadership in the field to a growing international audience.

It starts with search

If you—or your interior designer—have ever been on a quest for the perfect chair (or pendant light or ottoman or area rug), you’ll recognize the two-headed beast we set out to slay: Sometimes you want to explore and discover all of your options. And sometimes you know exactly what you want, and want to find it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

So we upgraded Haute’s navigation and product pages with both needs in mind. It’s quick and easy to drill down through the catalog from the site’s main navigation, and an ultra-clean search interface comes with a few suggestions to get users started. Product pages feature similar items and related categories to help those explorers find the right path, while detailed photos, descriptions, and spec sheets mean those at their journey’s end have just what they need to make a decision.

A megaphone for the design experts

We then turned our attention to amplifying the voice of the experts. An updated and immersive homepage prominently features a journal where Haute can share their thoughts on trends, new designers, and products in a space as elegant as their perspective. Alongside the journal, the homepage features brands, new arrivals, and product categories, giving Haute a digital space to show off the curation that earned them their reputation.

The (digital) showroom floor

We knew we’d need to let the stunning design of each product speak for itself. A minimal type system, pops of warm color, and product details that stay hidden until needed provide an elegant, neutral showcase for the products. Full width, high-resolution photography immerses users in the details of each object's craftsmanship. Easy access to finishes, specifications, and a streamlined information request form work across the board from desktop to mobile devices. And subtle animations give the site an appropriately luxurious feeling.

An elegant solution

We’re pleased to present the new Haute Living website: a streamlined user experience for product search, discovery, and inquiry that’s as inspiring as a visit to their showroom and an elegant platform for the voice of a “go-to source” for modern and contemporary design.

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