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Double Rainbow Biosciences seeks to harness 500 million years of natural evolution to uncover, through bioengineering, the keys to improve the quality of human health while ensuring our planet’s sustainability.

One Design worked with the biotech startup—founded by Jing-Ke Weng of the Whitehead Institute—to craft a sophisticated brand strategy and identity that breathes life into the team’s vision, as they moved out of stealth and onto the national stage.

A series of images showcasing a microscope, fungi, plant cells, and a misty mountain range. The imagery evokes the world of Double Rainbow, and the natural world they aim to protect through their innovation.

Enhancing health. Sustaining our planet.

Double Rainbow blends the wisdom of centuries of traditional medicinal practice with modern day technological innovation, creating a new way to bring the healing properties of nature to people around the globe without harming the planet.

We crafted a brand promise and body of language that embraces and celebrates this duality, honoring both traditional philosophy and modern innovation.

The Double Rainbow Biosciences wordmark, in white on a black background.
The Double Rainbow Biosciences wordmark, an elegant expression that blends the symbolism of the company name with the precision of their scientific methods.

The Double Rainbow DR monogram, placed a background of slowly pulsing color.

The Double Rainbow monogram, a reductive expression of the primary wordmark.

Inspired by nature, perfected by science to enhance human health.

Our brand identity—a simple, elegant mix of clever typography, photography, and color—balances a deep reverence for the wonder of the natural world with the precision and technical focus of modern technology and bioscience. It is the embodiment of their ethos and vision.

The elegantly refined wordmark counterbalances the mystic qualities of the name “Double Rainbow,” while the color palette symbolizes the act of mimicking the compounds in nature that heal. Blurred imagery of the natural world—plants, bacteria, and fungi—further alludes to the act of sustainable chemical translation made possible by the company’s innovations in bioengineering.

The dual arches introduced in the wordmark reappear as a consistent graphic element, elegantly linking the natural world and the lab, the scientist and the consumer, traditional perspectives and technological innovation.

Images of cells, mountains, a male individual, and plants, linked by the graphic arcs that are a central part of the Double Rainbow visual language.

A video showcasing how the soft colorfields used throughout the brand system are derived from images of plants, cells, and fungi.

Blurred imagery of the natural world—such as plants and fungi—allude to the act of chemical translation made possible by the company’s innovations in bioengineering.
A grid of 6 images, showcasing plants and fungi that are blurred into abstract floods of color.

A comprehensive toolkit

The Double Rainbow brand came to life through a suite of activations. A robust and evolving website tells an in-depth story of the company’s pioneering innovation. Communication materials and templates in both the digital and print space allowed the Double Rainbow team to own their communication strategy, supported further by a robust digital asset management system.

The Double Rainbow website tells an in-depth story of the company’s philosophy, culture, and scientific innovation.
Double Rainbow branded swag, including a hooded black sweatshirt featuring the wordmark, and a mug featuring the monogram.
Branded merchandise, created in celebration of the Double Rainbow team.
A series of print layouts from Double Rainbow communications.
Layouts for print communications—including editorial and advertising content—showcase key elements of the brand language, from fluid layouts to rich photography and the graphic arcs that link everything together visually and conceptually.
A grid of Double Rainbow business cards, showcasing a range of color options.
Company business cards allow team members to receive unique colorways customized for each individual.
A spiral bound set of notebooks on the left, and a black Moleskine notebook on the right with the Double Rainbow monogram.
Double Rainbow notebook and journal covers showcase the flexibility of the brand system.
A series of slide template examples from the Double Rainbow brand toolkit.
A series of presentation templates illustrate how complex information and data is displayed within the graphic system.
A pair of branded posters, showcasing floral imagery on the left, and the graphic arc on the field of color on the right.

A sustainable foundation for evolution

A comprehensive brand architecture established the blueprint for future growth into consumer and pharmaceutical markets. A range of sub-brands includes the consumer-facing supplement company, Landkind, which the One Design team had the honor of branding. From positioning to naming, identity development, packaging design and beyond, the team worked to bring the philosophies of the parent brand to this offshoot, with its flagship product set to launch in the summer of 2022.

The Landkind logo and graphic language – a collage of images from the natural world.

Learn more at landkind.health, and stay tuned for a more robust case study to come!

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