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Whether you’re on a taco quest in Pilsen or heading north on Lakeshore Drive, chances are good that you’ve spotted a luxury condominium or two built by Belgravia Group.

For more than seventy years, Belgravia Group has been a leader in quality and value in every step of the condo development process. When it was time to update their site to match their reputation, they came to One Design.

Live Happier

Belgravia arrived on our doorstep with a great tagline: “Live Happier.” We worked with them to reinforce the message throughout the site, where it provided a unifying theme as they shifted focus from older tools (like a rental property finder) to a showcase of their luxury development properties.

A design that feels like home

After an enjoyable project kickoff where we created user profiles with the Belgravia team, we decided to play up the positive emotional aspects of home buying. Beyond showcasing properties, the new site evokes feelings of home, luxury, and perfection through a minimal design and spare, modern typography that share an aesthetic with high-end interior design and architecture portfolio sites. Photography balances building exteriors, mouth-watering interior design details, and warm lifestyle shots to reinforce the "Live Happier" theme.

Flexible CMS

Great sites can easily go stale without fresh content. We built Belgravia’s site with Craft CMS, giving their team simple, powerful tools to update content, add new properties, and manage calls to action. The new site integrates with their CRM, as well, to help them track users' journeys from the website to sales centers.

An elevated online home

The result is a modern, responsive site and user experience supported by immersive visuals and delightful micro-interactions. By highlighting key properties and creating a platform for content that embodies their “Live Happier” brand promise, we elevated Belgravia’s online presence and reinforced their sophisticated reputation with a level of polish that rises head and shoulders above the competition.

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